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Twelve Forever: Gwen Forever

After a battle with the Butt Witch, Reggie decides to celebrate Todd's 13th birthday on Endless by bringing his girlfreind along (for the first time). Meanwhile, the Butt Witch  has some friends of her own.


The episode begins as the same settings as the end of Together Forever in which Reggie decides to bring  Todd's girlfriend, Gwen n to Endless after a battle with the Butt Witch. Reggie has a plan to make Todd's birthday better, she says that she created new features to Endless after the Butt Witch and Big Deal's damage. Now with the new features, Reggie decided take a tour with Todd, Esther, and Gwen on the new and improved Island. Meanwhile, in the Butt Witch's lair, the Butt Witch is recovering from the Pink Rock attack 


  • Our heroes get new powers in this fanfiction, and we'd also see that Gwen has the power to screen loud to make strong sound waves.
    • Reggie has the power to fly to high distances, super jump and form energy orbs.
    • Todd has the power the turn in to vehicles, like a truck.
    • Esther has the power two turns her Saturns in to tools and weapons and not just lassos.
  • Mack and Beefhouse adopt a humanoid girl named, Goslyn.
  • Brown Rodger and Colon use one of Colon's barn at a home base for our heroes.