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Twelve Forever-Pilot Episode

The pilot episode of Twelve Forever was first released on the Cartoon Network.


An enthusiastic young girl who doesn't want to grow up creates a fantastic world for herself where she never has to.




Twelve Forever Pilot 192.png

  • Shane, Tristan, and several background characters never ended up appearing in the series.
  • Party Island, as it was called in the pilot, was renamed to ‘Endless Island’ for the series.
  • Errors:
    • When the Endless Islanders were cheering for Twelve before she left Party Island, Brown Roger's nose is gone for a second.
      Twelve Forever Pilot 116.png
    • In is unknown how Reggie and Shane got into the upper locker to Party Island.
    • The Juice from the Burp Oasis is for drinking its juice. However, Reggie splats the juice all over Tristan instead of having him drink it.
    • After Shane burps a bubble from the Burp Oasis' juice, he says, "Whoa!" while his mouth doesn't open.


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