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Twelve Forever is an animated adventure fantasy series created by Julia Vickerman for Cartoon Network and Netflix. It premiered exclusively on Netflix on July 29, 2019.


The series centers on 12-year-old Reggie, whose desire to remain a child is so powerful it creates an entrance to a fantasy world in which she never has to grow up. She’s joined by her friends Todd and Esther, who visit this amazing world to live out their superhero fantasies and escape the responsibilities of impending adulthood.[1]



The series pilot was originally made for Cartoon Network and was released in May 2015 before the series was moved to Netflix in December 2017, when it was announced that the series would premiere as a Netflix exclusive. The first season was released to Netflix July 29, 2019 consisting of twenty-five episodes.


  • Some characters from the pilot, such as Shane and Tristan, are currently not included in the series.
  • This is the very first Cartoon Network original series to be produced exclusively for Netflix.
    • Similar to Pinky Malinky, Glitch Techs, Adventures in Wonder Park, and Sharkdog from Nickelodeon, Twelve Forever marks the very first collaboration between Cartoon Network and Netflix.
  • Due to the series being produced by Puny Entertainment and the Cartel, it makes Twelve Forever the very first Cartoon Network original series to be produced by third-party production companies since 2002's Codename: Kids next Door (which was produced by Curious Pictures) and the company's very first for Netflix.
  • In the pilot, Reggie's world was originally named "Party Island" before it was renamed "Endless Island" in the final version of the series.
  • The original music from the pilot was used in the very first episode.
  • Before Twelve Forever, Puny Entertainment has also produced alot of other animation and video games for Cartoon Network on their other original shows. As well as producing animation on Yo gabba! Gabba! for Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.
  • So far into the series, Todd's last name is currently unknown.
  • The series was originally rated TV-Y7-FV by Cartoon Network. However, when the series was moved over to Netflix, it was rerated to TV-Y7.



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