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Todd Forever is the 24th episode in the first season of Twelve Forever and the 24th episode overall in the series. It premiered on July 29, 2019 on Netflix.


After planning a huge 13th birthday party for Todd on Endless, Reggie flies into a rage when he says he'll bring Gwen along.[1]




  • Todd's favorite food is revealed to be hard-boiled eggs.
  • Todd and Gwen part together.
  • This is the shortest episode in the series. The longest being, Birthday Forever.
  • This episode is the second episode to be set on someone's birthday.
  • This is the last episode to have a character's name in the titled.
  • This is the only episodes to last 13 minutes.
  • The is the third and final episode to end with a cliffhanger (and the second episode to not show the "TO BE CONTINUED..." after the cliffhanger).
  • This is also the second two-story arc (this episode is resolved by the next episode). The first one being, the Locked Out Forever story arc.