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The Butt Witch Forever

“The Butt Witch” is an inhabitant of Endless Island and the main antagonist in Twelve Forever.

The Butt Witch holds a deep grudge towards Reggie for messing with her “grown up wonderland” and claiming the island. Her purpose on Endless seems to be a purely destructive one, though part of her goal is to be a constant reminder that Reggie has to accept that she has to, eventually, grow up.


The Butt Witch is a humanoid creature, resembling a woman. She is very tall, towering over all children. She has lime green skin, short lavender hair styled in a bob cut with a pair of horn-like curves on top of her head, and huge eyes with light magenta iris with white pupils. Her smile is always wide and manic, however, when angry, her teeth become fang-like and her eyes lose their iris, appearing completely blank. She has a large posterior, leading to Reggie dubbing her the "Butt Witch".

She seems to wear a form-fitting red suit with green stripes on her arms that match the color of her skin, but then her suit also changes form along with her. She has a yellow belt with a round plaque on the left side.

After she is defeated in the last episode, she shrinks to what according to her is “the size of a shampoo bottle”.


Her main goal seems to be destroying the island, or at least anything childish on it, including Reggie and her friends. She is also very ungrateful towards Big Deal, who does everything for her only for the witch to treat him with disdain and even making him sleep on a cage but despite her mean nature she may not be heartless since she became visibly sad when Big Deal started hanging out with the island inhabitants (disguised as Reggie) and when he returned she was nicer and showed him some appreciation.


The Butt Witch came to life when Reggie dumped her puberty books into an active volcano on Endless. It is unknown whether she existed before that or not, but her monologue right after emerging in The Butt Witch Forever and her comment on a dream of hers about being back in high school seems to indicate the former. Upon seeing that Endless Island has become a happy peaceful place and is ruled by children, she sets for herself the goal to destroy them and reclaim the island for herself.


  • Feeding on negative emotions
    While strictly speaking not an ability, the Butt Witch can feel and smell various negative emotions, such as fear, insecurity, rage and others, on long distances, as well as feeding on them to get more powerful, when they are given a physical form, for example flying jelly looking anger worms.
  • Potion brewing and spell casting
    As her nickname entails, the Butt Witch seems to have a knack for spell casting, concocting potions, and creating magical artifacts, which she demonstrates often after her introduction in the main series by using makeup products as ingredients. Though her magic is often the cause of conflict on Endless Island, she is not the only source of evil on it.
  • Hypnosis

    The Butt Witch grows a pair of arms after being provoked by Reggie

    The Butt Witch is able to hypnotize her opponents using her magical lipstick by blowing a kiss on them. The affected person starts seeing hallucinations, as demonstrated in The Butt Witch Forever when Reggie's perception of herself started changing drastically as a result of the creature's magic.

The Butt Witch's “dragon” form

  • Shapeshifting
    The Butt Witch demonstrates the ability to grow an extra pair arms on a whim. She also has the ability to change her form at will, though, she loses it when defeated or injured. She also has the ability to morph into a larger, more threatening form, one of these being a multi-armed reptile-esque monster with back spikes and long tail, although it depends on her power. After feeding on negative emotions, such as the anger worms, she becomes more powerful, and can easily heal her injuries and grow into gigantic insectoid form, which has more arms, longer back spines and lavender wings, resembling a dragonfly.


  • Reggie
    Butt Witch despises Reggie due to her childishness, and due to her getting in the way of her wreaking havoc on Endless. Butt Witch's main goal is to take Reggie down, using a variety of ways to do so.
  • Big Deal
    Big Deal is very much in love with Butt Witch, and serves as her henchman. Butt Witch is aware of his feelings, and dislikes his displays of affection. Though she is shown to have some fondness for him to an extent, such as trying to cheer him up when he felt sad.



  • Butt Witch's shapely figure and deep voice are a direct reference to the confusing things about maturing and growing up. It is her maturity which signals her out as the main antagonist in Twelve Forever and enemy of Twelve.[1]
  • Butt Witch's real name is unknown, though early speculations (around the time of Pilot Episode) lead some to believe her real name is Regina. This is thought to be her name because she resides in Reggie's subconscious and "Reggie" is a nickname for Regina.
  • Butt Witch uses female gender pronouns (for example, Big Deal address to her as “ma'am”). On question about her gender Julia Vickerman said, that she thinks of Butt Witch as a genderfluid being.[1]
  • Aside from a few VO sessions when he was filming for the series What We Do in the Shadows in Los Angeles, Matt Berry recorded for the character remotely in London.[2]


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