Is that my yogurt? I wrote my name on the lids!

The Locals Forever

Tater Tot is an inhabitant of Endless Island and a recurring character in Twelve Forever.

Appearance Edit

Tater Tot has a stumpy green body with a thin neck, a short tail, two round buttons on her chest, and large eyes. She almost always wears a green helmet with a large fin on the top and a fish image on the front.

In her powered up form as seen in Together Forever, her helmet changes slightly and she gains a third chest button and a much longer and more powerful tail.

Personality Edit

Cheerful, friendly, and would do anything for Twelve. She has a "sassy" side as noted by Esther when the trio eavesdropped on her and her neglectful roommate Garrett having an argument in the episode The Locals Forever.

Trivia Edit

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