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You wanna play some four square?
— Tasty Troy

Tasty Troy is an inhabitant of Endless Island and a recurring character in Twelve Forever.


Tasty Troy has a round yellow head with a long thin nose that appears squished on top of a single wooden chest drawer with an old fashioned handle. He has four thin yellow legs that are very flexible.


Tasty Troy is very soft spoken and adores Twelve. Despite his easygoing nature, he is very serious about four square and often invites the kids to play the game.


Tasty Troy can create items from his chest drawer, including: apples, meatballs, and birthday balloons. He also has a cannon inside his chest which he uses to shoot out rubber balls in four square games. All items he creates has his face on it, and seem to require a lot of effort to make.


  • Tasty Troy is one of Endless Island's top four square champions, along with Tater TotDr. Champion, and Twelve.
  • He is fluent in Portuguese, as well as several other languages.
  • He apparently has a crush on Judy's friend Kathy, as seen in Secrets Forever.


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