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Shane is one of the main characters in the Pilot Episode of Twelve Forever. He has been replaced by Todd in the main series.


Shane is a tall slim 12-year-old. He has peach skin, short wavy brown hair, a long neck, and wears glasses. He wears a plain black T-Shirt, jeans with a rip in the left pant leg, and white sneakers.


Shane is a friendly and generally mellow guy. He's often seen hanging out with Reggie, showing he has a fun, playful nature like her. However, he is shown to be a rational thinker as he freaks out when Reggie turns Tristan into a baby and scolds her when she makes him huge enough to destroy Party Island.


Shane is Reggie's best friend. He's aware of the existence of Party Island, so they tend to visit it together with the aid of Reggie's Magical Key.


  • Reggie
    Reggie is Shane's best friend. He likes Reggie's playful nature and visiting her subconscious and will defend Reggie from teasing her for acting like a child. However, Shane is more rational than Reggie and will scold her whenever she acts without thinking.
  • Tristan
    Shane seems to have initially neutral relationship with Tristan and the latter tried to reason with Shane, while taunting Reggie over her playing with dolls.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shapeshifting: when in Endless, Reggie can give Shane an energy orb that will shapeshift him into whatever Reggie had in her mind.


  • Shane eventually evolved into Todd in the main series, sharing some traits in character design.


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