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Sadmantha is an inhabitant of Endless Island and a minor character in Twelve Forever. She is an amalgamation of all the feelings that Reggie has about her father and was created when a music box from Reggie's dad was swallowed by a giant flower on Endless.


Sadmantha is a blueish, see-through ghost with sad eyes and long, flowing hair.


Sadmantha is a pessimist, often choosing to focus on negative things, such as lost puppies. She believes that everyone hates her and is extremely easy to upset because of this. Her negative outlook on things can make those around her extremely sad when she shares her thoughts.


  • Metamorphosis – She is able to transform into a storm cloud when she is upset, which causes part of the main conflict in Reggie's Dad Forever.


Sadmantha first appears in Reggie's Dad Forever, where she is meant to represent Reggie's feelings about her father leaving. Through her metamorphosis, she ends up teaching Reggie that she needs to deal with who she created and not leave Sadmantha, like how Reggie's father left her.