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I'm rich with friendship!
Reggie Abbott, Fancy Forever

Regina “Reggie” Abbott is the main protagonist of the Twelve Forever series. Her triangle shaped key, the totem that she made in art class[1][2], takes her to the magical land of Endless Island, where she lives as a superhero known as Twelve.


Reggie is of average height and weight, with light tan skin. She has large black eyes, thin eyebrows, and a frontal tooth gap. Additionally, she possesses long, ginger hair that is worn down and cut in choppy bulks. Reggie wears a collared cream t-shirt and knee-length canary yellow shorts, held in place by a faded brown belt and silver buckle. Underneath, Reggie wears a pair of black ankle-length leggings and mismatched high top sneakers: her left colored a pastel pink, and her right a baby blue.

Twelve, Reggie retains her normal height and weight. She wears her hair in a ponytail underneath a rounded triangular biking helmet. The helmet has a base coloring of white, with a stripe of neon green, a Reuleaux triangle of pastel pink, and finally an oval of bright yellow overlapping an oval of blue on either side of her head (located directly where her ears would be if uncapped, mimicking a set of multicolored headset). An antenna shaped into an pinwheel protrudes from the right side of the headset. Reggie wears a white chest plate with the number “11” (which turned 12 when she turned 12) painted in pastel pink on the front and a blue-collar, accessorized with feathered yellow shoulder pads attached by two blue-yellow pins (or buttons). Additionally, Reggie wears a slim-fit neon green skirt, as well as long, white bracelets that end in two pink “buoys” at the elbow. Instead of her normal shoes, she wears knee-length boots with puffy pink buckles and pins that match her shoulder pads’. Underneath her outer costume, she wears a slim black jumpsuit that ends at the knees and forms long sleeves with fingerless gloves. Reggie’s superhero outfit is based on one of her drawings before she adventured to Endless Island.


Reggie loves to have fun, and does like her middle school, though she otherwise doesn't seem to like reality all that much, as she often visits her subconscious and spends most of her time on Endless Island, where she created many imaginative creatures. Being in her own head, it often makes her act selfish, but, she is always willing to help her friends and the inhabitants on Endless. She has no interest in growing up and acts like a child, enjoying childish activities such as acting out scenarios with figurines[3]. She often does things impulsively, without thinking of the outcomes or consequences of such actions, which leads her into conflicts like turning Tristan into a kaiju and making him huge enough to destroy Party Island.

Reggie is also quite naïve, trustful, oblivious, and territorial, the combination often causing problems. An example of this is when a suspicious character named Elmer arrives on the island. Despite Todd and Esther's warnings, she warms up to Elmer almost immediately, without being that affected (if at all) by his suspicious actions/comments and instability.[4] She adores Brown Roger, but that makes her blind to his clear dislike and general maltreatment of Todd. She was extremely aggressive and rude to Esther during their first meeting, acting under the pretense that Esther was a threat to Endless Island[5], acting similarly aggressive when Todd revealed his new relationship status with Gwen.[6]



Reggie's mother. Judy believes that Reggie is immature, "a mess" and should behave like other kids her age. Their relationship has bumps, mostly due to Reggie's inability to communicate with her mother, as she doesn't want to fully understand growing up and wants to play with toys and dress and act the way she wants instead of being like the other middle school kids. However, Judy has shown that she loves and wishes to understand her daughter, supporting her choices and defending her even after they argued in The Mall Forever.


Reggie's brother. They seemed to be very close as young children, but their relationship became more and more strained as the years went by. Right now they are pretty detached, despite Reggie's attempts at getting along with Dustin and him only responding by insulting Reggie, giving her a used gift card for her birthday and even stealing her birthday cake and two can get into an argument easily, although they still care about each other and cherish the time when they were better friends.


Reggie's biological father, who left the house when Reggie was around four years old. She sustains a dichotomy between finding him as a role model, while also harboring insecurity at their own lack of communication. Before Daryl left his family he used to sing to Reggie a song about how he could never forget her, foreshadowing that he was going to leave her although Reggie remained unaware of this for most of her life. She inquires briefly if Daryl was “just a big jerk” in a moment of vulnerability, which Judy denies. Reggie and Daryl share similarities in both appearance and personality, most notably their disposition to maturity. Reggie’s main weapon on Endless Island, a hockey stick, may also pay homage to Daryl (who was supposedly a “hockey champion”, or at the very least played the sport.


Reggie's best friend. Todd became Reggie's friend after answering her question of which of her two characters would win in a fight. She soon brought him to Endless and they became close friends. On Endless, he has the power to shapeshift.


One of Reggie's friends, who joins Todd and Reggie in after some initial resistance on Reggie's part. While Reggie was uncertain about Esther after first meeting her, Esther proved that she was a smart and capable member of the team. Her Endless power is to be able to float through the air on a small Saturn and to shoot laser beams out of an even smaller Saturn from her hand. Esther is the opposite of Reggie (mature, obedient, etc) which at one point led to a small confrontation, but they are still close friends. 


An 8th grader, whom Reggie seems to have a crush on. Reggie becomes easily flustered around Conelly and is shown to stumble around herself when in her presence. They both appear to have a knack for imaginative thinking and a drive to create. Reggie does not seem to understand her inability to remain calm when around Conelly and tries to avoid her when possible, despite their compatible interests.

Mr. C

One of Reggie's teachers. He is a nice man who tries hard to be a "cool teacher". When Reggie draw the inside of her locker door, Mr. C gently reprimands her for vandalizing school property and makes her clean up the door. Reggie is furious that someone wants to "stifle her creativity" and goes to Endless to blow off some steam by destroying things and doing her "angry gymnastics". Reggie eventually stops being mad at Mr. C when she returns to school and discovers that he has gifted her a small dry and erase whiteboard for her locker and even drew a happy place on it.

In "Dance Forever", Reggie asked Mr. C, who served as the DJ at the school dance, to play some of her own music (to get rid of the slow dance music) but he refused since he couldn't play any unapproved songs so Reggie called him "Baka" (Japanese for "idiot").


The daughter of Leslie, Reggie's mother's boss. Kendra is spoiled and initially looks down on Reggie for not having a TV in her room or fancy, expensive jewelry but after finding Reggie's turkey earrings, she was impressed enough to admit that while she at first found Reggie to be "super lame" she admitted that Reggie wasn't "that bad". When Kendra is forced to return the turkey earrings that she stole from Reggie's jewelry box, Reggie lets her keep them and Kendra smiles, implying that she has grown fond of Reggie.


A young boy whom Reggie baby-sat. At first, Ogden was shy towards Reggie, but in the end they became better friends.

  • The Pilot Episode
    • Shane
      Reggie's best friend in the pilot. Reggie loves hanging out with Shane and brings him along into her subconscious, claiming Party Island wouldn't be fun without him. However, she doesn't like it when he scolds her for acting without thinking, but she knows when to listen to him.
    • Tristan
      Reggie's classmate for whom she has dislike because of his desire to be older and his sneering attitude toward her.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: On Endless, Reggie is gifted immense physical strength, enabling her to run faster, carry about anything she needs to, rip things out of the ground (as she is shown doing quite a lot in the show when ripping out trees and other objects out of the ground or other various places), and also throw things to immense distances. She can also form shock waves and punch so hard, flamelike beams burn with the speed of her fists.
  • Flaps' Weapons: On Endless, Reggie's creation Flaps spits out weapons for her to use such as hockey sticks, battle-axes, bazookas, and much more.
  • Flight: On Party Island, Reggie can fly up to high distances.
  • Transformation (Pilot Episode): On Party Island, Reggie can magically change into her super suit, form her boots into skates, and transform Shane with her energy orbs.


  • Reggie has an anime music mix on a CD as seen in Episode 21, Dance Forever, and calls Mr. Christopherson a "Baka" (which means "idiot" in Japanese) when he refuses to play it because it wasn't approved.
  • Reggie shares her last name and appearance with her voice actress.
  • Reggie may be either lesbian or bisexual as shown by her crush on Conelly, although it might be an exception.
  • Reggie is the only person who appears in every episode (from the pilot to the present).


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