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I think these pretty rocks made them bigger!
— Tater Tot, Together Forever

The Pink Rocks are mysterious magical items that grant incredible size and power to any Endless Islander who comes into contact with them.


They were created by the kids in the episode Together Forever after they joined hands to face the Butt Witch's final lethal blow. Their bond of friendship formed a transparent pink barrier, which shattered into pieces and formed the pink rocks after being struck by the Butt Witch's attack.

The rocks seem to function as the polar opposite of the Green Worms.



  • Darla: She grows to the size of a building and has a more graceful form with longer hair. Her two flower "eyes" are replaced by a single large flower, along with her knife hands becoming much larger and more powerful. In this form, she is able to unleash large slashes of energy from her knives.
  • Colin: In his much larger form, he stands upright instead of hunched over and has a very toned and muscled physique. He also has a large bulbous tail that is covered in rounded spikes.
  • Dr. Champion
  • Pretty Please, Tater Tot, and Beth
  • The Butt Witch: When Reggie shot her with a pink rock, she lost her upgraded form's wings and extra limbs, and shrank to the size of "a shampoo bottle".