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Ogden is a minor character in Twelve Forever. He is Kathy’s nephew.


Ogden is a small, very young child. He wears a white shirt with long green sleeves, khaki pants, and red sneakers. He's usually seen with a yellow backpack.

While on Endless Island, his outfit becomes a purple jumpsuit that resembles footed pajamas.


Ogden is very timid and shy, and doesn't like scary or dangerous things. His favorite TV show is Uncle Paul's Cottage.


Kathy bring Ogden to Reggie for babysitting. After Reggie getting tired of slow and quite passing of the time with him, she teleports herself and Ogden to Endless, who is afterwards frightened by the inhabitants of the island.


  • Reggie
    It takes Ogden a while to warm up to Reggie and Endless Island due to his personality and Reggie being a total opposite - loud and full of energy adventure lover, but afterwards they are are able to get along and bond over shared interests.

Powers and Abilities

  • Invisibility: after being teleported to Endless for the first time, Odgen is frightened of the place and its inhabitants, to the point that he turned himself invisible.


  • Ogden's favorite show Uncle Paul's Cottage, which is a reference to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, a real life educational TV program for children.
  • Kathy saying "What will he do? Disappear?" about Ogden made a reference to his future Endless Power - being able to disappear.