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You're a good kid, Todd.
— Manny, Guy Pleasant Forever

Manny is a recurring character in Twelve Forever, who debuts in the episode "Guy Pleasant Forever". He is the father of Todd, Aaron, and the Jennifers.


Manny has a somewhat stocky build and used to have dark brown hair before dying it deep red in the beginning of his debut episode.


He has a very carefree attitude and spends most of his time having fun and hanging out with his significant other instead of taking care of his family. It's unclear what Manny was like before his wife left him.


  • Todd's mother: Manny's wife left her family when Todd was very young. Since then, Manny has gone through a very obvious midlife crisis. He currently has a new significant other; her level of relationship is currently unknown, but she seems to care for Manny's family.
  • Todd: Manny tends to put Todd in charge of looking after his younger twin sisters, allowing himself to go out and have a social life. He and his family aren't very well off, as noted when Todd mentions his father stole his coin collection in order to pay for some bills. He also loves to play pranks, including dumping ice down Todd's shirt when the latter was trying to talk to a girl, as seen in Todd's memory from the episode "Secrets Forever". Despite this, it's clear he loves his kids very much.