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Locked Out Forever: Part One is the 17th episode in the first season of Twelve Forever and the 17th episode overall in the series. It premiered on July 29, 2019 on Netflix.


Reggie develops a crush on Conelly, a cool eighth-grade girl who makes her so nervous that she breaks her key to Endless.[1]





  • Locked Out Forever is the only two-parter in the first season. However, Locked Out Forever is not the only two story arc in the first season, it is the first two story arc in the first season and overall while the second one being Todd Forever, an episode the is resolved by Together Forever.
  • This episode reveals the time Reggie first transported to Endless.
  • It also reveals via Reggie's attraction to and interactions with Conelly that she may be lesbian or bisexual.
  • The boy that passed by Reggie when she was playing with her action figures and called her a loser made a cameo in the pilot.


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