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Leslie is a minor character in Twelve Forever. She is Judy's boss and the mother of Kendra


Leslie has short blonde curly hair (perm). She wears a blue turtleneck, silver and blue-ish necklace, off white pants, a belt, brown boots.


Leslie is polite although she can be slightly insensitive such as when she critisized Judy's lasagna. She can also be controlling since she somewhat pressured Judy into telling her which nurses talked bad about Leslie and it is implied that she likes, or is just amused at, the idea of her employees being intimidated, if not scared, of her.

Leslie also spoils her daughter Kendra but she still does her best to raise her daughter to be a good person as shown when Leslie became angry at Kendra for stealing Reggie's turkey earrings and immediately took her back to Reggie's house to return them and made Kendra apologize to Reggie.


  • She gives Kendra two birthday presents per year by giving her one six months before her actual birthday, which they apparently call "half-birthday".
  • She doesn't like ground beef and doesn't serve it at her home as she considers it to be "too fatty".
  • She suspects that a nurse called Debra talks bad about her.