I don't play. My mom doesn't know anything.
— Kendra, Fancy Forever

Kendra is a minor character in Twelve Forever. She is the daughter of Leslie, Judy's boss.

Appearance Edit

Kendra has blonde hair tied up in a ponytail by a pink scrunchie. She wears a green sweater, dark gray pants, and white shoes. She seems to be around Reggie's age.

Personality Edit

Kendra is very closed off, and a bit stuck up due to being spoiled by her wealthy mother. but even if shes spiolde She seemes to be very nice gloats about her luxury and seems to judge Reggie for not having the same, such as not having a TV in her room nor "real" jewellry. She doesn't seem to have a very close bond with her mother. By the end of Fancy Forever, it's revealed that Kendra does like simpler jewellry like Reggie's turkey earrings and may have grow fond of Reggie after all.

Trivia Edit

  • She doesn't like mayonnaise.
  • Leslie gives her birthday presents twice a year, with the first one being given six months before her actual birthday. Kendra calls this her "Half-Birthdays".
  • She has a TV in her bedroom and owns expensive jewellry such as a Cubic Zirconia bracelet.
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