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Trust me Judy, I've been sued four times.
— Kathy, Birthday Forever

Kathy is a recurring character in Twelve Forever. She is the best friend of Judy.


Kathy is a relatively short woman (compared to Judy) commonly seen in a maroon T-shirt, tan pants, black shoes with ivory accents and a brown arm brace. She has light tan skin, grey-brown hair tied in a ponytail with a pink band, and large eyes with black pupils. She also has some wrinkles/bags on her eyes and a gap in her teeth, to the side.


Kathy seems like a dangerous person, as proved in the episode Secrets Forever when in one of the memories, she gave Reggie a knife for her Birthday (possibly by a joke). Fortunately, Judy took the knife away From Reggie. Despite this, Kathy is mostly nice towards Judy and tries to help out.



  • Judy
    Judy is friends with Kathy. It's unclear how they became friends, but it had been seen That they've been friends since Reggie was little.
  • Ogden
    Ogden is Kathy's nephew. In "Babysitting Forever" Reggie Baby-sat Ogden for Kathy when Judy and Kathy went for a day out.
  • Terry
    Terry is Kathy's sister and Ogden's mom. She has been mentioned by Kathy in Babysitting Forever. Not much is known about her.