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Judy Abbott is a recurring character in Twelve Forever. She is the mother of Reggie and Dustin.

Appearance Edit

Judy has sandy skin, big round black eyes and thick eyebrows having a similar appearance as Reggie and Dustin. She has short, curly orange hair, however in photos (Reggie's Dad Forever) she is shown with hair down past her waist. She is tall compared to Kathy.

Personality Edit

Judy is the mother of Reggie. She is kind and sweet, and she encourages Reggie to get rid of her fear of growing up. She has a strong relationship with Esther.

Involvement Edit

Relationships Edit

Dustin Edit

Dustin is Judy's son. They don't interact too much and Judy often becomes frustrated with Dustin's bitter attitude towards everything.

Reggie Edit

Reggie is Judy's daughter. Judy often tells her to get over her fear of growing up, and tries to discourage her childish tendencies. Nevertheless, Judy loves Reggie very much and sometimes Judy can be supportive of her daughter's quirky habits. Judy also likes that Reggie is creative and outspoken.

Daryl Edit

Daryl is Judy's ex-husband. She and Daryl appeared to be happy during the first years of their marriage but their relationship became strained due to Daryl's unability to handle fatherhood and adulthood. Daryl was often too lenient on his children (or at least with Reggie), which angered Judy. The two eventually divorced and Daryl walked out of hers and their children's lives when Reggie was around four years old and they never heard from him again. After Daryl left Judy kept a box with some of his stuff hidden in her closet, which was found by Reggie years later. Judy has since then moved on but seems to hold a minor grudge against him since she told Reggie that Daryl wasn't a jerk "at least most of the time" but despite this Judy refuses to insult him and discourages Reggie from doing so as well. She assured their daughter that her father loved her despite being unfit to be a parent.

Trivia Edit

  • At some point she gifted Reggie her class ring, which Reggie lost it when she took it to Endless and the Butt Witch used it for her plans.
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