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The Jennifers are minor characters in Twelve Forever. They are the younger twin sisters of Todd. Both are named Jennifer.


The Jennifers appear in the episode Guy Pleasant Forever, as they play around and fight in their house. In Locked Out Forever: Part One, it is revealed that their mother walked out on her family sometime after their birth.


One of the Jennifers has pink shorts, a forest green T-shirt, red sneakers a plaster on her right cheek and spiky, long hair. The other has a long shirt, her hair up in a spiky pony tail with three light yellow hair clips, with two on the right side of her head and one on the left side, pink pants and orange sneakers. Both of them have a gap in their teeth.


The Jennifers are very energetic and do things like run around the house or jumping on the couch. They mostly fight with each other but when they don't fight they like to play around with Todd.


  • Todd: Todd is the older brother of the Jennifers. The twins can be annoying towards their older brother and do things like asking him to make them grilled cheese only to reject the food after it's done in favor of fighting with each other over some toy. They may like to cause trouble for him such as when they told their father about Todd's secret coin collection, leading to his dad stealing them to pay the gas bill.
  • Each Other: They seem to be close as they are always seen together. Like all siblings, they argue over anything but also like to play together.


  • Both Jennifers like grilled cheese.
  • It's possible that the Jennifer with the green shirt likes her father's girlfriend since she was seen holding said woman's hand while the family was saying goodbye to Aaron.


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