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Gwen is a minor character in Twelve Forever. She is the girlfriend of Todd.


Gwen has medium length brown hair and pale skin. She is slightly tall, being taller than both Reggie and Esther but shorter than Todd and a little overweight.


She is pretty outgoing and confident, having no problem approaching people and starting a conversation.


  • Todd
    Todd is Gwen's boyfriend. They met in the episode "Dance Forever" while Todd was sitting on a bench outside of their school. Gwen introduced herself to him and the two talked about music together, then Gwen invited Todd to hang out at an old abandoned video store. They went to their school's dance together and are currently dating.
  • Reggie
    Reggie was initially aggressive towards Gwen, despite the other girl's kind nature, but eventually warmed up to her, as she realized her aggressive behavior was not doing any favors for her friendship with Todd.
  • Esther
    Esther and Gwen get along well, with both supporting the other's love life and decisions.


  • Her shirt has a similar appearance to the one worn by Danny Fenton, the main protagonist in the Nickelodeon animated series Danny Phantom.
  • As of Todd Forever, she is Todd's girlfriend.
  • She is passionate about music just like Todd.