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Guy Pleasant the Dog Prince is an inhabitant of Endless Island and a recurring character in Twelve Forever. He was created by Todd.


Guy Pleasant is a taur with an upper body of a man and a lower body of a dog with short legs, a Corgi. He has lavender skin, messy middle-long mint-green hair that matches the fur of his dog half, thick black eyebrows and black eyes. He is wearing a white shirt with a beige jacket on his upper body and is usually seen carrying a magenta double neck electric guitar with him. He also has a small oval-shaped beige mark on his forehead.



Guy Pleasant is a crooner of Endless Island. He was created by Todd with Aaron's personal belongings (mostly mixtapes and music disks) and a picture of a dog buried together in the sands of Endless. He was initially thought to be an older brother figure for Todd, a replacement for Aaron, but Borbo's interference changed this, resulting in the creation of Guy Pleasant.


  • According to himself in Guy Pleasant Forever, Guy Pleasant is a dog prince.
  • According to Vickerman, Guy Pleasant was inspired by his voice artist Noel Fielding which led him to get cast for the role. Fielding recorded for the character remotely in London.[1]
  • After Schmaaron was pacified, Guy became his surrogate father. He was able to teach him to play the drums, as seen in Spring Break Forever.


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