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It had the acidic essence of sweet resentment. And believe me, when resentment tries to hide it only blossoms into beautiful, life-giving rage!
— The Butt Witch, Audition Forever


The Worms are manifestations of resentment and rage that the kids cough out any time they exchange harsh words and feel negativity towards each other. As soon as they are created, most of the worms fly off together as a single flock toward somewhere on the island. It's not clear where they are headed toward, as the Butt Witch and Big Deal have intercepted all of them before they can reach their natural destination.

According to the Butt Witch, the worms are the only good thing that's happened to her since she arrived on Endless Island, and they taste acidic and like sweet resentment.


They are nearly as long as a person's arm, and are a slimy translucent green in color. They feature sections and have no noticeable eyes nor mouths.

They seem to function as the polar opposite of the Pink Rocks.


The true purpose behind the worms is unclear. Whoever eats them is able to grow to tremendous size and gain incredible powers they haven't exhibited before. According to Butt Witch, eating them fulfills her and makes her feel like herself again.


  • Butt Witch "Dragon Form": After eating one worm, she regains some strength and no longer feels as weakened by the Island. After three worms, she regains the two extra arms and tail that she lost in her first fight with Twelve. This form is nearly identical to the "dragon form" she has in the Twelve Forever pilot.
  • Butt Witch giant monster form: After consuming many additional worms, the Butt Witch sprouts two pairs of large insect-like wings and grows to a gigantic size nearly as large as the Volcano. Her face also rearranges so that her eyes move to the sides of her head, her nose goes missing, and her face only features a very large mouth with sharp teeth. In this state, the Butt Witch is able to regrow any limbs lost in battle and repair any damage.
  • Big Deal: After eating just one worm, Big Deal grows at least ten times in size. His face becomes elongated to resemble a crocodile's with rows of sharp teeth, his whiskers become much larger, and his fingers become claws. He ends up crawling on all fours and gains enhanced speed and strength capable of overpowering even Twelve. In this form, Big Deal can also spit large fireballs from his mouth.

Info from other page (Anger Worms)

The anger worms are a source of negative energy, kept and used by the antagonists in Endless Island. They are created using anger and belligerence, distorted and created and vomited up, then the feeling is suppressed from their bodies and comes out as a lucid, green, illuminating form like worms. The Butt Witch feeds off of this plasma dependently in order to maintain her hateful personality, and in the final episode becomes a giant inhumane monster, due to feeding off the anger worms.