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Garrett is a reccuring character in Twelve Forever. He is an inhabitant of Endless Island.


Garrett has a human face with a beard, and a light-purple, lantern-fish body. Instead of a lantern, Garrett has a purple duck attached to his head. Garrett has a chearful, deep, voice.


Garrett liked joining into others business, for example in the episode Birthday Forever he ruined the Birthday song by standing and singing in front of the singers. Garrett was also gullible, when he said that he ate the yoghurt lids saying that it was Tater Tot's yoghurt without knowing.



  • Garrett probably doesn't know how to read because he didn't know that he ate Tater Tot's yoghurt even though her name was on the lids.
  • Before, he might of been friends with Darla, because in Locked Out Forever Part two (the flashback scene) Darla was riding on Garrett's back and Garrett was happy.