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Galaxander is an inhabitant of Endless Island and a recurring character in Twelve Forever.


Galaxander, as his name implies, is a kind of personification of some galaxy. He has a blue body with light yellow stars in it. He has light blond hair and yellow eyes. He has the ability to control the stars on his body. His body also has absorption properties, as demonstrated when Reggie's birthday balloon flew away and accidentally entered into his body in Birthday Forever. Whether they are transported to another galaxy or not, what actually happens to such items is a mystery.


Galaxander is a friendly but lonely guy who is desperate to hang out with or date someone. Unfortunately, no one apparently wants to be friends with him except for Reggie. He is also shown to be a huge pushover, as seen in Dustin Forever when he brings coffee for director Brown Roger then apologizes for his "mistake" when Brown Roger throws the coffee to the floor, which Galaxander hurries to clean up.


Galaxander lives on Endless Island and has his own place, as seen in Locals Forever.


Can move the stars on his body and unconsciously absorb objects, both of which are demonstrated in Birthday Forever.


  • He may be gay, as in the episode "The Locals Forever", he is seen showing off a photo album, which includes a photo of the Red Constellation, which he says is his ex-boyfriend. Rance, the one he is showing it to, is also male, and Galaxander claims afterwards "Why do all my dates end like this?"


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