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Flaps is an inhabitant of Endless Island and a recurring character in Twelve Forever.



Flaps' body resembles a flapjack octopus with yellow coloring, with tiny wings on his head in place of actual fins. Like most of cartoon octopi, his eyes and mouth are on his head, forming a face.



Flaps was first created as a drawing by Reggie and Todd when they began their friendship. Reggie started by drawing a body, Todd came up with the idea of the wings, then Reggie with the idea of spitting weapons.

On her 12th birthday, Reggie brought her drawing of Flaps along with other items to Endless Island with Todd. After being buried, the drawing came to life alongside other things Reggie buried (like Mack & Beefhouse). Since then Flaps has become an actual weapon-bearer for Twelve in their magical world.


  • Flight – Flaps is able to fly with his tiny wings.
  • Weapon summoning – Flaps can spit various weaponry from his mouth, such as: axes, baseball bats, hockey sticks, slingshots, a morning star, big hammers, darts, a bazooka, grenades etc.


  • Despite his high pitched voice as provided by voice actress Kelsy Abbott, Flaps is apparently male as indicated by Todd in the series' premiere episode.


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