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Yeah! Take that, scarring memories from our formative years!
— Esther in Secrets Forever

Esther Hopkins is one of Reggie's best friends and the tritagonist of Twelve Forever. Her flute takes her to the magical land of Endless Island, where she experiences many adventures alongside Reggie and Todd.


Esther is an African-American girl with round black eyes and a black Afro, which flows upwards behind her. In her normal appearance, Esther wears a pink sweater, a baby blue skirt, beige leggings with pale pink knee socks, light tan boots and a rectangular yellow hair clip on both sides of her head.

On Endless, Esther's outfit changes into a yellow-and-red full bodysuit. Her top is a bright yellow leotard with a crimson detail on her left arm and shoulder. She wears matching crimson leggings and a tricolored (red, orange and yellow) pair of boots with beige wing-like details on the front. Esther's hair becomes more stylized and changes to end in a point. She also has a small ring around the tip of her cone-like hairdo.


All in all, Esther is a well-meaning and rational person. She usually has a reserved and meek attitude around strangers, although can become very passionate, wordy and even overzealous with things she finds particular interest in.

She has an analytical mindset and tends to seek logic in everything, especially while on Endless. However, her sometimes overly in-depth look at things may result in unwanted consequences and irritation from people around her (mostly Reggie).

Esther is desperate to make friends, as she usually spends much of her time alone reading and studying, thus becoming an outcast. She values the friendships she managed to create very highly, so much so she can be a pushover at times, though she has her limits.

Esther is also a romantic, as demonstrated when she saw Todd and Gwen kiss, and while listening to Mack and Beefhouse read the cards they made for each other. She is more feminine than Reggie, owning her own makeup set and enjoying dress shopping, and gets along well with Reggie's mom and other moms as well.



  • Reggie
    Though Esther and Reggie had a rough start, with Esther making a passage on her own into Endless, something that Reggie thought only she could do, the two girls have bonded very well. However, Esther sometimes finds Reggie to be selfish and controlling, demonstrating some repressed anger in the episode Fancy Forever when she pummeled a statue of Reggie. Despite that, they remain close friends.
  • Todd
    Todd and Esther are good friends. Despite this, they still tend to fight when their plans clash, like in the episode Audition Forever, but do tend to make up. Esther also tries to console him when Reggie gets out of hand and congratulates him on his relationship with Gwen.

Powers and Abilities

  • Anti-Gravity Orb
    On Endless, Esther is able to create a Saturn-like orb at her feet, and while she stands on the rings, she can fly at high speeds.
  • Energy Lassos
    Using her orb on her hands and crushing them, Esther can create tough, glowing energy whips.


  • Esther is usually seen studying or looking for universities when she is not in Endless.
  • She is the calmest of the group.
  • Her parents have not appeared in the show as of yet, but have been mentioned in a few episodes.
  • She is usually curious (of which is shown in episode 10, Secrets Forever).
  • She is the only one in her friend group to have both of her parents since Reggie's father and Todd's mother left them.
    • She is also the only one whose parents never made an appearance in the show and are only mentioned by their daughter.


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