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Endless Island (previously known as Party Island in the pilot) is the magical world that Reggie and her friends visit.


With the use of a totem (be it key or flute), Reggie and her friends can enter into Endless Island. There are creatures there that Reggie and others have created, but some that seem to have inhabited the Island before Reggie or the others arrived.

Endless Island has a long list of magical properties and abilities, most of which show up completely randomly. The Island has the ability to create new inhabitants by burying or melting various components anywhere on the Island. It also seems to be capable of generating seemingly random pathways into new rooms, locations, or events, which gives seemingly limitless different outcomes for any repeated action, such as opening the same drawer or burying similar items in the attempts to make a new inhabitant.


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  • Endless shares various similarities with Neverland:
    • They are both magical islands where creatures and beings live.
    • They are both places for people who can escape from daily life and responsibilities.
    • They are both places if a person stays there too long, they forget their identities and home. When the person returns home, the person feels like it was all a dream.
    • They are both places if a person remains there they never age. If a person is a child then they never have to grown up, like Elmer who stayed on Endless ever since 1950s.
  • There is a possibility that there have been humans who have entered Endless before Reggie and her friends arrived.
  • Endless has some similarities to Lyoko from Code Lyoko:
    • When traveling to the other world, Reggie and her companions change into specialized outfits, similar to the Lyoko Warriors (minus Jeremie, whose Lyoko form was never seen).
    • In both shows, the characters have powers that can only be used in the other world.
  • It seems like Endless can only be visited by kids who live in Buthene, Iowa.


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