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Dustin Abbott is a recurring character in Twelve Forever. He is Reggie’s older brother.

Appearance Edit

Dustin bears resemblance to Reggie with the same colored ginger hair in thick strands which is parted in the middle. He also has dark eyes and light skin like Reggie. He wears more casual and dark clothes.

Personality Edit

Dustin is portrayed as the typical "edgy" and moody teenager. He is a bit of a conspiracy theorist and tries to act mature, showing distaste in toys and anything childish (although he truly still loves them). He doesn't enjoy showing affection towards Reggie and speaks in an uninterested, monotone voice. and a bit . he dosnt addmit his love for a silly rat toy in the first apearance of the stuffed rat is in the episode birthday forever and regie nows abaut his love for the stuffy


  • Reggie is Dustin's sister. They seemed to be very close as children, but their relationship became more and more strained as the years went by. Right now, they are pretty detached and can get into an argument easily, although they still care about each other and cherish the time when they were better friends.

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