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Dr. Champion is an inhabitant of Endless Island and a recurring character in Twelve Forever.


Doctor Champion has green skin, pink eyes, long, white hair, and antennae. He wears white socks, with an army green bulletproof vest-looking top, as well as red knee-high boots.


Doctor Champion is a loud, energetic person. He's usually screaming each time he talks.


Doctor Champion serves as a comic relief throughout the series.


  • According to himself, Doctor Champion was born in a suburb of Chicago, then later moved to Kentucky where he worked in a factory.
  • Doctor Champion stopped working in the factory when he began having hip problems, suggesting the work was manually intensive.
  • He seems to show an interest in writing poetry.
  • "Doctor" may actually be Doctor Champion's first name, and not a profession or academic title. This can be seen on the driver's licence he shows Esther in Endless Forever, where it is printed in full form and not the usual abbreviation used on photo id.
  • By his own admission, Dr. Champion is unable to read.
  • His appearence has multiple features from Japanese tokusatsu series, like his antennae, muscle-style vest and belt are from Showa Kamen Riders.