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Darla is an inhabitant of Endless Island and a recurring character in Twelve Forever. She is seen in many episodes if Twelve Forever


Darla is very tall, almost twice as tall as Twelve, and wears a short pink dress with puffy sleeves and pink slide-on shoes. Her legs are thick and tall. Her skinny arms end with knives, and she has no discernible wrist joints. Her face is fairly normal, except her eyes are replaced with bluish-white flowers, which can blink and squint. Her hair is huge, orange, and curled at the bottom.

In her powered-up form as seen in "Together Forever", her two flower "eyes" are replaced by a single large flower, along with her body and knife hands becoming much larger and more powerful.


Her personality is quite kind although, she is also known for trying to help out, but having knifes for hands is not very convenient.



Her hands are knives. She’s able to attack with her hands, but also seemingly not realizing that they cause issues when she tries to help out. While in her powered up form, she gains the ability to create powerful wind slashes that act as energy projectiles, by slashing her two blade hands together.