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Conelly is a recurring character in Twelve Forever, who debuts in the episode "Locked Out Forever: Part One".


Conelly has brown skin, long, black, wavy hair that reaches down to her waist, and a simple, grey beanie. She wears simple makeup with bright red lipstick and eyeliner. In "Locked Out Forever", she is seen wearing a red, off the shoulder sweatshirt with a grey tank top underneath. She also wears black pants and grey boots with some scenes consisting of a green messenger bag.

In "Dance Forever", Conelly is seen in a maroon spaghetti strap dress. Her jewelry consists of a pink circle pendant and a brown bracelet. She also is wearing brown Capri tights and grey cowgirl boots. She also keeps her grey beanie.


Conelly is nice and friendly. She enjoys making films and appears to be creative in a similar sense to Reggie, admiring her set when she sees it. She tries to approach and befriend Reggie a few times, however, Reggie runs off in each scenario. According to their art teacher Mr. Fleming, Conelly is similar to Reggie in that they are both "a bit weird, in a good way"; in sum, quirky but imaginative.


Conelly is an eighth-grader at Reggie's school. She makes her first appearance while directing a short film with two friends. She is kind and approachable to Reggie, who quickly develops a crush.


  • Reggie
    Conelly is Reggie's crush, making Reggie act awkwardly and skittish around her. Conelly finds Reggie's "sets" and "plots" (her make-believe stories) cool, and tries to be friends with her by asking for feedback about her film but because of her crush, Reggie doesn't know how to address her feelings yet. So Reggie makes up an excuse that her mother is sick and runs off always runs away when she sees her, which confuses Conelly. Reggie approaches Conelly, who continues to persist in befriending Reggie by asking if she would like to be the art director in her film and asks Reggie if she wants to meet her friends. Even though Reggie wants to, her key begins to glow (meaning she is no longer locked out of Endless Island) and makes up an excuse that she's really busy. Conelly dismisses it and says when Reggie becomes "unbusy" that they could meet up with Conelly's friends. In "Dance Forever" when Conelly sees Reggie, she waves at her, all of a sudden Reggie wants to leave the dance with Todd and Esther because of Conelly's presence but only leaves with Esther, we don't see Conelly or how she feels about Reggie leaving so suddenly.
  • CJ
    Not much is known about CJ other than they seem to be reserved and focused, based on their behavior while acting in Conelly's short film shoot with Shaun. It is presumed that the three of them are good friends.
  • Shaun
    Not much is known about Shaun either, but Conelly describes him as stiff. He can be seen with Conelly and CJ making a short film. It is presumed that he's good friends with both of them.


  • She calls Reggie by her real name "Regina". 
  • Conelly, along with Reggie, appears to be a lesbian, bisexual or pansexual if her interactions with Reggie are anything to go by.