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Captain Elmer is an inhabitant of Endless Island's world and a minor antagonist in A Stranger Forever episode.


Elmer is shown to be a child most likely younger than Reggie and friends, as he is shorter than them. He is pale with light brown curly hair and is dressed in an old fashioned attire. He also possesses doll-like limbs that often fall off.


Elmer is extroverted and friendly at first however later in the episode his true intentions show him as a manipulative thief till he tells the truth about his past and leaves to return the stolen items.


Elmer comes to Endless Island after sailing on a stolen steed called Omelet. Appearing friendly at first, he shows Reggie and her friends around Omelet and shows them his stuff. Later in the episode, it is revealed he stole the things that he has and was planning to steal the most valued thing by Reggie on Endless, which he thought to be Borbo when he told him that Reggie said he was her favourite. After he reveals his past it turns out he was a normal child in Bethune in the 1950s till he moved to Endless permanently were he forgot about his past life.


  • Super speed
  • Doll limbs
    Because of living in the Endless world for ages, Elmer lost his human nature causing his limbs to turn into detachable doll-like limbs.



.Elmer is the only known character to permenetly move to Endless.