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Brown Roger is an inhabitant of Endless Island and a recurring character in Twelve Forever.



Small, furry, and brown. Has long, floppy legs and arms and a droplet-shaped nose. He has small ears on the side of his head and yellow eyes resembling googly eyes.


Loves fashion and Reggie. Very friendly and caring, but dislikes Todd due to being Reggie's other best friend. Brown Roger is a very talented artist and shows passion for this ability.


During her 12th birthday, Reggie found Brown Roger in her room which she brought with her other stuff to Endless Island after her mom told her to get rid of her old things. After burying them, he later became alive alongside other things Reggie buried (like Flaps, Mack, and Beefhouse.) Despite his colorful personality, Brown Roger cannot talk.


  • According to Reggie in Birthday Forever, Brown Roger was her first friend.
  • Brown Roger is described as "Smelly" and "Sticky" by Judy.


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