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My main takeaway is that Borbo is creepy.
— Twelve, The Locals Forever

Borbo is an inhabitant of Endless Island with frequent appearances in Twelve Forever.


Borbo is very squat and short, only coming up to the kid's knees. He resembles an old man, despite still living with his mother. He is bald and has pale green skin, large eyes, and a squashed piglike nose. He wears a cream colored polo shirt.


Borbo in his own words enjoys creeping and sneaking, and spying on others when they have no idea he's there. He is very mischievous and has a destructive side, shown when he repeatedly tries to vandalize other characters' artwork, as seen in episode School Forever.


Reggie and her friends clearly don't like Borbo very much. Reggie expressed annoyance when it turned out he wasn't actually missing after Elmer tried to kidnap him.