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Bobby (last) is a minor character in Twelve Forever. He is a student at Bethune Middle School.


Bobby wears brown sandles with long, white socks. He also wears forest-green shorts, a creamy-yellow T-shirt and a dark-grey jacket. Bobby has stripy ginger hair and freckles on his face.


Bobby is an awkward and "cringey" kid. In Dance Forever he was doing a sort of wierd "Chicken" dance move and in Audition Forever he sang an embarrasing song about him and his friend sailing on a ship making stew.


  • Stew- Stew is a made-up friend that Bobby made-up In his song in Audition Forever to impress the Cherry Cement band.


• He seems to like watermelon because he took a Whole bowl Of watermelon in Dance Forever and ran away with it.

• Some of the lyrics of Bobby's song are:

🎵 Sailing on a ship out in the ocean blue, well I took my friend out there, and my friend's name was Stew.... And poured it in the stew. 🎵