• Kiacopia

    The Daily FanFic

    February 28, 2020 by Kiacopia

    After a battle with the Butt Witch, Reggie decides to celebrate Todd's 13th birthday on Endless by bringing his girlfreind along (for the first time). Meanwhile, the Butt Witch  has some friends of her own.

    The episode begins as the same settings as the end of Together Forever in which Reggie decides to bring Todd's girlfriend to Endless after a battle with the Butt Witch

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  • MtMB

    Wiki Tips and Tricks

    October 3, 2019 by MtMB

    Hello, I'm MtMB, admin of this wiki. In this blog post I'm gonna show some tips and tricks which will make your and other users' process on contributing to the wiki (and not only on this one) much easier. More stuff will be added later.

    When you hit any of "Edit" buttons you are moving into editor mode of the page. The purpose is obvious.

    Wikia (aka FANDOM) has 2 types of editors:

    Visual Editor

    Currently default editor for anons and new users, which is considered as the most user friendly. As its name implies, it shows how article will look w/o redirecting users to another page/adress or pressing other buttons. But its functionality is kinda fixed, it offers little formatting, sometimes it can also mess up templates or just page's code (for exam…

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  • MtMB

    Vandal spread

    September 1, 2019 by MtMB

    Hello, admin of this wiki speaking here.

    I understand your feelings and disgust toward recent news about the creator of the show, but vandalizing articles (and trying to make it look funny) really doesn't help, not the wiki and people who are working on it, nor the whole community.

    For the time being anonymous contributions on this wiki are turned off (of course we had some wicked anon vandals before too). Article in question was reverted to an old version and is protected right now. We will think what to do about it later, as there is still no standard for articles about show staff, nor official statements.

    I recommend you to focus on actual show while surfing and contributing to this wiki. Not to mention that the creator was removed from th…

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  • Roomtemperaturesoup

    I made this blog post to talk about creating an amino for Twelve Forever since I couldn't find one at first, but I've just now found one so this post is pointless. I would delete it but I'm not an admin so I can't, I guess it's just gonna stay up lol

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  • LinuxTux


    LAST WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So I just finished watching the 25 episode series and I love it. All the references and edgy jokes it's amazing. At the end how Big Deal actually caused some damage in the real world and at the end too that there was a huge flash of light. What could that mean? Could there be a new island? An extension of Endless? There is infinite possibilities! Cartoon Network really lost one on this but I think going onto Netflix probably gave Julia Vickerman and the others more freedom to work with like Reggie and Conelly and Todd and Gwen. More edgy jokes. Reggie calling Mr Christopher…

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  • Perlen297

    This is odd, why I can't edit the main page?

    Can you guys (only admins) try editing it?

    nvm, it's already working for me

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  • Crystallized Cuteness

    This is cool

    August 19, 2015 by Crystallized Cuteness

    It's my first time being active at a wiki that has just recently been created. There's so much work to do. For some reason, I actually find it pretty fun editing articles. Everyone at the SU wiki who complains that everything is too perfect to edit needs to come here. ^_^

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  • Rosie043

    Similar Cartoon Styles?

    August 18, 2015 by Rosie043

    This cartoon reminds me of that Teenage Robot or Invader Zim. Whyyyy?

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  • Vérité et Masques

    AAAAYYYYEEEEEE! First blog on the wiki!!!!!

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