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I'm terrified of you.
— Big Deal to Twelve, The Butt Witch Forever

Big Deal is an inhabitant of Endless Island and a recurring character in Twelve Forever.

Big Deal is the clumsy assistant and boyfriend of the Butt Witch. Despite being somewhat reluctant while performing in some of the dastardly plots she cooks up, he is her main confidant and only servant.


Big Deal is short and round. He is lilac with dark violet webbing on his arms, and his legs are small and match the color of his face, unlike his purple body. There are two tufts of green hair that sprout from his long chin and he sports a salmon-colored tie. He has a tail and what appears to be three pins toward the tip of it. He usually looks nervous or bashful.


Big Deal is clumsy and a bit gullible. He shows a persistent romantic interest in The Butt Witch and is willing to do anything she demands of him. He's very defensive against people he loves. Although all his loyalty is invested in the Butt Witch, Big Deal is very reluctant to carry out more of her sinister commands, and he becomes very uncomfortable as they progress.


Big Deal is one of the “native” Endless Island inhabitants, as even Twelve knows him and calls him by his name.


  • Flight
    Big Deal is able to fly, although not very well due to his clumsiness and disproportionately small wings.


  • The Butt Witch
    Big Deal is very much in love with Butt Witch, and serves as her henchman. He's always trying to make her happier, does all her orders and becomes very defensive against Twelve and the crew insulting her. Butt Witch is aware of his feelings and dislikes his displays of affection, though she is shown to have some fondness for him, such as trying to cheer him up when he felt sad.
  • Twelve
    Big Deal most likely hates her due to The Butt Witch‘s hate for her. He used to love Twelve for encouraging her in the first episode but when he met The Butt Witch he changed his likening to her. 



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